Dr. Mehhaa Goyal

BDS, Cosmetic Dentist & Implantologist, Visiting Dr. at Paras Hospital

Dr Mehhaa Goel has an experience of 12 years and is a consultant in Paras Hospital, Gurgaon and visiting consultant in our centers in Delhi, Panchkula, Patna and NCR and in Dubai as she holds DHA license.
She is propieter Alpha Dental teeth Tamers and has a state of the art dental clinic with all the latest equipments, laser machines, X-ray unit, world class sterilisation unit and maintains proper hygiene in clinic surroundings.
She promotes Laser technology in her practice which is new in the field of Dentistry and has many advantages over general regular practice and has facility of INVISALIGNS (US based non braces teeth straightening) treatment.

Cosmetic and Smile design dentistry course, Switzerland 2008
Full Mouth Rehabilitation course, AIIMs 2010
Specialization in child and sedation dentistry, Hyderabad 2012
Implant course, Smile India New Delhi, 2014
She has a successful patient track record of more than 1000patients of which all records are maintatined as per international system. She has foreign patient client ale from Iraq, Arab, Russian, Uk, Korea , China, Canada already in her Practise.

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  • Address: #14, First Floor, Ninex City Mart Sohna Road, Gurgaon
  • Phone: +91 9958080317
  • Email: drmehha@gmail.com




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Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do in case of dental emergency as Dentist are not available after their clinical hours?

Dental emergencies are very critical & painful. It generally happens during the late evening hours and requires immediate attention. Do visit emergency dentist near you; however you can also try Salt water gargle. Its an easy and time-tested natural remedy to treat a sore throat, eliminate bad breath, bleeding & swollen gums, relieves toothache and protect tooth enamel."

What is Good Oral Hygiene?

Ans. Oral health touches every aspect of life but it"s often taken for granted. Good Oral hygiene is when your mouth looks & smells healthy; and this translates to
✓ Clean teeth without cavities
✓ Clean tongue
✓ Pink gums that do not hurt or bleed when you brush your teeth
✓ No bad breath
Dentist & hygienist can help you to develop good oral habits and can also point out areas of your mouth that requires extra attention.

What is best time to get wisdom tooth extracted?

There is nothing as such the best time for wisdom tooth extraction. A wisdom tooth not creating any problem to gums, bone or neighboring tooth, can stay forever in your mouth. Few dentists advise to get this extracted as a preventive measure.

Dental treatments are very painful; can we do something about it ?

Technology has improved drastically and doctor's with latest technology enabled instruments can get you a pain-free treatment (in most of the cases).

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